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FDP - Android In Nutshell  


The Sunshine Group of Institutions organized a one day FDP on Android in Nutshell for an interaction on Android on 18th of January, 2015 at the campus of The Sunshine Group of Institutions. The expert speaker was Prof. Jasmin Jasani who is a renowned personality having expertise in Android and Mobile Computing and has strong proficiency in PHP, Advanced Java and Web Technology. The FDP consisted of three sessions on the following topics.

Session 1 : The first session covered the theory topics of android, like basic, installation, versions, history etc. This provided the participants with basic idea of Android and the history of it.

Session 2 : The second session was technical, including development environment, and program demonstration. This session was more of an interactive session. Prof. Jasmin Jasani talked about major widgets and database and much more. The participants were shown a live demonstration of a very effective program, to provide the participants with practical experience.

Session 3 : The third session was a hands on session where participants were taken to lab and they performed various practical tasks. They were also provided with material on application publishing to market play store. Prof. Jasmin Jasani gave brief about how android is also available in smart gadgets The participants were provided DVDs having practice programs, set up, e books and supporting teaching material... The Audience : The Faculty Members from different colleges, people intended to develop applications and those who are performing research in the same field took advantage of this FDP. The participants gave very positive feedback about the FDP. The SGI felt proud and gratitude with such good feedbacks by the participants about the sessions and the hospitality and environment of the SGI also. "

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