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SDP on mis, dss & gdss  


"The Sunshine Group of Institutions organized a one day SDP for the students of Information Technology on MIS, DSS and GDSS by very renowned and eminent Dr. POlkowski ‚from Polland on 11th February 2015.
Expert Speaker:
Dr. POlkowski carries a high position at Lower Silesian College of Entrepreneurship and Technology in Polkowice in Polland. He has also been a Dean of the Technical Sciences Faculty (2009 - 2012). He has given much contribution in managing teams, Performing work associated with implementing the National Framework of Qualification, Inspection of classes, Personnel term appraisal. He is also the owner of Firma . He has done many publications and won many awards for his outstanding research and work. About SDP : Dr. Polkowski ‚ gave a brief idea about how the Management Information Systems (MIS) is the study of people, technology, organizations and the relationships among them. He countered the common misconceptions of MIS and helped students to have a clearer vision of MIS. He also talked about Decision Support System (DSS) that is a computer program application that analyzes business data and presents it so that users can make business decisions more easily. Dr. Polkowski ‚ also discussed about Group decision support system (GDSS) technology that supports project collaboration through the enhancement of digital communication with various tools and resources. Other than these technical subjects, Dr. Polkowski ‚ gave information about different countries, the influence of IT there, employment criteria, climate, culture and many interesting things. Such international level programs help student gain high exuberance and it broadens up the students horizons."

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